Services for Carpet and Tile Cleaning In West Palm Beach

Carpet Cleaning


At Discounted Carpet and Tile Cleaning we use Low Moisture cleaning equipment to clean carpets for faster dry time. No odors will ever accrue and all chemicals are pet and kid friendly. The results will Amaze you.

Tile and Grout Cleaning


 The pores in tile and grout make them particularly susceptible to deep,  hard to remove stains. Superficial cleaning treatments like sweeping and  mopping only clean the topmost surface without impacting deeper  discolorations. Discounted Carpet & Tile Cleaning’s services can  expertly target these rooted stains and remove them without damaging  your tile or grout. Ask about our tile sealing options.

Stripping and Waxing


 An often overlooked step in floor care, stripping and waxing your floors  will not only help extend their life, but will also help remove stains  and increase stain resistance. Ideal for commercial buildings where  excess time cannot be spent on floor maintenance, a professional strip  and wax can help your business make the right impression on customers  and clients. 

Upholstery Cleaning


Your Upholstery should be cleaned at least once a year to assure the fibers  retain its ability to resist stains that may not come out after long exposure. Spring cleaning is always key so call Discounted Carpet and Tile Cleaning in West Palm Beach.

Wood Floor Cleaning


We clean all types of wood floors.

Buffing is usually a quick fix for dull wood floors but some time sanding is required. 

Pressure Cleaning


  Discounted  Carpet & Tile Cleaning does more than carpet and tile!  Outside dirt accumulates in every crack and crevice, making it hard to  ever get  any surface completely clean. Even more important, grimy  walkways and  surfaces can become slipping hazards. We clean  Patios, Driveways, Walkways, Stones, Roofs, Gutters, Trucks, Motor homes, Boats & Yachts, Garages, Buildings